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Brian and Rod have teamed up to produce a small number of mind games inspired by an old memory card game known as Pelmanism. The games are in constant development so it is possible that they may not always function as expected.

We are happy to provide these games Free.
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Pelam is a game in which you select 3 boxes to see if their sum matches numbers on a Card. The boxes contain the numbers 1 to 9 and 10 to 90 (in tens) with the balance containing zero. As the game progresses you will be able to remember which boxes contain a particular number so that you can match a Card number. You can also use the Helper Sheet if you wish.

Pelam+ allows you to generate a number by combining the numbers 1 to 9 using operators (add, subtract and multiply) to match the Card. You can compete to beat the lowest score needed to fill the Card if you wish.

Pelaword asks you to select a date to load that day's word as a row of numbers in a Word Card. By matching the numbers as you did with Pelam+, you progressively reveal the word. When you have revealed sufficient letters you can guess the word, perhaps assisted by a clue.

Pelagram like Pelaword, loads a Word Card of letters which are revealed as the numbered boxes are matched. Once all boxes are matched you progress to a page where the letters can be re-arranged into something that sounds like the final solution. Once this is found, the solution can be entered to confirm it. A clue is provided for the re-arranging process.

Pelamatch, more like the original game, asks you to select matching pairs of boxes numbered 1 to 9. Your challenge is to match all boxes with the least number of tries.

Brian and Rod hope that you enjoy trying the games and, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please get in touch with them using the contact information below.